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Alphas-V Properties:

  • Super Adhesion Strength
  • Soldering Resistance
  • Highest Coating Hardness
  • Best Corrosion Resistance
  • Superb Wear Resistance
  • Full Coating Coverage
  • Superb Heat Resistance

Alphas-C Properties:

  • High Oxidation Resistance
  • Soldering Resistance
  • Full Coating Coverage
  • Thicker Layer Deposition
  • Superior Adhesion Strength

Alphas-V (TD-Vanadium Carbide)

Best coating process for the last twenty years.

Alphas-C(L-TD-Chromum Nitride/Duplex)

Excellent oxidation resistance for hot applications.

Alphas-N (Liquid Nitriding)

Good Wear and Oxidation resistance. Short Process time with sufficient case depth. Good Apperance with Black Color.

High Performance, Versatile for super wear resistance

Great properties for many different allications.

Alphas-TN (Titanium Nitride)

Versetile and affordable.  

Alphas-THN (Titanium Silicon Nitride)

Premium PVD coating, works great for cutting applications.  

Alphas-WCN (W-Cr Nitride)

Best Heat Resistance, Best for Al die cast, extrusion 




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Alphas-V Applications:

  • Stamping and Dies in General
  • Roll Forming
  • Shearing & Piercing
  • Pilot Pins & Clamp Finger
  • Aluminum Die Cast Core Pins
  • Hot Forging Die
  • Pipe Forming and Bending
  • Cold Forging Die

Alphas-C Applications:

  • Aluminum Die Cast Core Pin
  • Aluminum Die Cast Core Die
  • Hot Forging Die
  • Aluminum Extrusion Die
  • Hot Stamping Die
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