Liquid Nitriding / Multi-Nite Process

    Multi-Nite (Liquid Nitriding )

    Pollution-Free Innovative Nitriding Process    



 Multi-Nite is a Pollution-Free salt bath nitriding which provides several benefits over traditional Gas or Ion Nitriding.    

    Our Multi-Nite delivers superior quality while dramatically shortening the process time. Unlike our Multi-Nite process,

    Conventional Salt Bath Nitriding uses a poisonous and harmful substance; therefore, it has been avoided in the  

    industry despite its superior properties. Multi-Nite solves those problematic issues. Our Multi-Nite is now available to

    companies looking for a superior product with short lead times at a reasonable cost. Fast turnaround guaranteed! 














Muti-Nite Finished Die
4140 / 12hrs
4140 / 12hrs
4140 / 12hrs
4140 / 12hrs