Alphas-N / Liquid Nitriding

    Alphas-N (Liquid Nitriding )

    Pollution-Free Innovative Nitriding Process    



 Alphas-N is a Pollution-Free salt bath nitriding which provides several benefits over traditional Gas or Ion Nitriding.    

    Our Alphas-N delivers superior quality while dramatically shortening the process time. Unlike our Alphas-N process,

    Conventional Salt Bath Nitriding uses a poisonous and harmful substance; therefore, it has been avoided in the  

    industry despite its superior properties. Alphas-N solves those problematic issues. Our Alphas-N is now available to

    companies looking for a superior product with short lead times at a reasonable cost. Fast turnaround guaranteed! 




    1).  Hot Forging (Large thru Small Dies)   

    2).  Aluminum Die Cast Core and Pins, etc.

    3).  Aluminum Extrusion Dies

    4).  Machine Components and Parts

    5).  General Tools and Dies for Light Duty














Alphas-N Finished Die
4140 / 3 hrs Process
4140 / 3 hrs Process
4140 / 4hrs
4140 / 4hrs
H13 3 hrs Hot Forging
H13 3 hrs Hot Forging