Our Company

Company Profile:

Name   US KONDO Corporation
Address   231 1st St. Piqua, Ohio 45356
Capital   US$200,000
Established    Aug. 2010
Empolyees   11





Alphas Process Equipment:

Alphas-V (TD) Furnace #1  ID20" x  H55
Alphas-V (TD) Furnace #2  ID18" x H50
Alphas-C(L-TD) Furnace #1  ID12" x H25"
Alphas-C (l-TD) Furnace #2  ID35" x H48"
Gas Operated Pre Heat Furnace  45" x 45" X 40"
Alphas-N (Liquid Nitride) Furnace#1 ID35" x H45"
Alphas-N(liquid Nitride Furnace#2 ID12" X H28"
Electric Salt Bath Furnace  ID42" x H48"
Gas Operate Tempering Oven  35" x35" x35"



Manufactuering Equipments:

#1 Automated CNC Muti-Task Machine
#2 Automated Grinding Machine
#3 CNC Machine with Automated Loading Units
#4 Automated Grinding Machine



Cargo Van Pick Up & Delivery:


Pick Up & Delivery Service is available.











Alphas Division:


  Operation Details:

The Alphas Division produces Alphas-V (TD) and Alphas-C (L-TD) which are primarily supplied to the automotive stamping dies and aluminum die casting and tools. The Alphas Division operates 7 days a week to meet customer's demands. The Alphas Division can accept  any single piece between 0.5 lbs and 500 lbs.

Now Alphas-N (Liquid Nitriding) is available to companies looking for a superior product with short lead time at a resonable cost.


Machining Division:




Operation Details:

The Manufacturing Division produces an automotive part for a suspension system.

Our automated CNC machine produces a part every 30 seconds, nonstop  in order to meet our customer's high volume demand.


World Wide Kondo Groups:

Kondo Sieko Co., Ltd.  Japan http://www.kondoseiko.co.jp
Kondo Giken Co., Ltd. Japan http://www.kondoseiko.co.jp/business02.php#s02
Mie Kondo Co., Ltd. Japan www.miekondo.jp
Koshu Mie Kondo Co., Ltd China www.kondoseiko.co.jp/business02.php#04